Setting Goals


While implementing fitness as a cornerstone of your life, it's also important for you to set goals to work toward, whether you want to gain body mass, lose weight, or just improve/maintain cardiovascular health the style of workout and the equipment required will be different. 

Structuring Goals:

As we structure these goals I highly recommend that you write your goals somewhere you HAVE to look at it. Personally my goals are on a white board in my bathroom, while I brush my teeth in the morning I read every one of the goals, I start my day with my goals fresh in my head. Doing this will hold you accountable and help you start the day on the right path.


I structure my goals as follows:

<Broad Goal>

Example: Get down to 200lbs.


Example: Burn 500+ calories working out 3 times a week and eat at a 100 calorie deficit every single day.

<Path to Success>

Example: Buy chicken and rice in bulk and find low calorie snacks and sweets to curb cravings at home and not pile on calories.


Example: Weight Log: 235lbs - 1/1/23 | 234lbs - 1/8/23 | 235lbs - 1/14/23 | 233lbs - 1/24/23 | 227lbs - 2/10/23

This goal structuring works for every aspect of your life, it encourages small progress every day that over a course of weeks, months, and years piles up to huge lifestyle changes.

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